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Who are Corkscrew?

'Corkscrew is a global community of people who are consciously committed to both their professional and personal development. Since 2012 we've been challenging and disrupting the status quo in education, work and the world of human centric development through the process and mindset of #CorkscrewThinking'.

What is Corkscrew Thinking?

The origins of Corkscrew Thinking and the inspiration for our name lie in WWII when Churchill employed the help of exceptional minds. People who could relate, imagine, communicate and collaborate; approach problems from a previously unconsidered perspective; display the courage to test previously inconceivable solutions and the growth mindset to never cease learning but rather continually strive to evolve.  

The Four Elements of Corkscrew Thinking

We break a Corkscrew Thinking mindset into four main categories including Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Growth Mindset and Courage. All of our programs (both live and online backstage) are underpinned by these four key aspects that ensure your best possible success in our changing world. 

Why Should I Join Backstage?

Our focus is to grow a community that can inspire and support one another to prepare for uncertain times ahead. Media is starting to talk about the Future of Work using negative, anxiety generating language. 'Job loss' & 'Robots taking over' being two of the favourite phrases. Yes, the future of work is uncertain but isn't that the nature of the future anyway? What part of history has ever been certain? By joining us Backstage you'll learn about yourself, your passions, your purpose, your potential and how you can achieve it through Corkscrew Thinking and to thrive in a rapidly evolving world. 

We've created Corkscrew Backstage so you can be and do what you want, to find your very own #Ikigai👇

Courses, Community & Content

When you join Corkscrew Backstage you'll also have access to online courses that focus on both self development and learning key technical skills to assist on achieving your true potential and helping you reach your key goals. You will also learn more about our live/in-person programs including our unique Experienceships (think internships, but super charged!) and upcoming Camps that blend adventure and self development. You'll also get access to regular content that supports your learning journey and connect with likeminded Corkscrew Thinkers from across the globe.

What Do Our Community say?

How Do I join?

It's as simple as clicking the Request To Join button ☝️and provide your relevant contact details. We also want to know why you want to join us and how you'll make the most out of the community and resources on offer.

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