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About Us

Corkscrew is a global community of people who are consciously committed to their career development. For the last 6 years we have been running our Experienceship programs in person. 2018 marks the year when we finally took Corkscrew online. 

Introducing Corkscrew Backstage. 

Why Join?

We spend almost 2,000 hours every year at work. It is what we spend the best hours of our days doing and research shows that job satisfaction has a massive impact on our health. And yet there is no one space where you can talk about, develop or explore your career potential? We think this is crazy. That's why we've created Corkscrew Backstage. To provide you with a home for your Career Development.

We're not ignoring the existence of LinkedIn but that's public; it's your digital resume; your reputation; your career as it happens.

Where do you go when you don't have all the answers? When you need to take a step back, rethink, step away from the limelight for a bit? 

We invite you to come Backstage. 

Many people are talking about the Future of Work using negative, anxiety generating language. 'Job loss' & 'Robots taking over' being two of the favourite phrases. 

Yes, the future of work is uncertain but isn't that the nature of the future anyway? What part of history has ever been certain?

What Do You Offer?

You'll find access to free courses and training as well as interviews and articles on topics such as personal and professional development. You'll also be able to connect with other community members near you and network with our global community. We'll also give you access to real time business challenges to boost your resume and provide the opportunity to learn new skills vital in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How Do I Join?

It's as simple as clicking the Request To Join button and provide your relevant contact details. We also want to know why you want to join us and how you'll make the most out of the community and resources on offer.

What have Corkscrew's got to do with it?

The origins of our name lie in WWII when Churchill employed the help of exceptional minds. People who could relate, imagine, communicate and collaborate; approach problems from a previously unconsidered perspective; display the courage to test previously inconceivable solutions and the growth mindset to never cease learning but rather continually strive to evolve.  

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